1) Helping the Flow of Immunity (right hand, left hand then both hands together)

2) Two Prongs on the Face

3) Lobsters' Strike (Start striking with left then right repeat both sides 3 times)

4) Ball of Energy

(begin with left on top change position 3 times then spread on chest, repeat on abdomen and genitals)

5) Teasing the Web (3 times all movements begin with left teasing right)

6) Rolling Energy (3 times each step)

7) Massaging the Glands Around the Shoulders Blades

8) Axis Breath

9) Infinity Breath

10) A Structure made of Energy

11)The Seer's Window

(link- step backward with the left foot while hands go up to:)

12) Rallying Dispersed Energy ("Axe")

13) Bringing Energy from above the Head (begins inhaling with left index forward)

(link- step forward with left foot first while right hand shoots forward to begin:)

14) Transferring Energy to the AP

(with last exhalation move hand over right shoulder to begin:)

15) Opening oneself to Intent

16) Placing Intent into Two Pouches of the Body

(after rejecting the right side take two steps and on the third step unfold to begin:)

17) The Butterfly

(beginning faces left (through foot circles) then turn to front and finish)