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Mexico City Workshop, 27-29 January 1996

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To: The Ixtlan Mailing List
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 23:42:06 -0500

Mexico City Workshop - 1/27-29/96
(A brief impression, by someone who actually attended)

Six to seven hundred people gathered Friday night in a large ballroom at the Centro Asturiano (next to the Hotel Nikko) in Chapultapec Park to hear the Nagual's first lecture. It was scheduled to run from 8 to 10 PM, but most of the crowd was already in their seats by 6:45 PM, and the lecture and questions ran considerably over, until about 10:40 PM.

Castaneda covered a lot of the same ground that those of us who have been to prior workshops have heard before, and he appeared to be just as funny and commanding in Spanish as he is in English. The crowd, however, was different in attitude from a typical U.S. workshop. During the question period, a few people shouted their questions at Castaneda, sometimes before he was finished answering a prior question. And the same kinds of questions seemed to be asked repeatedly with only slight variations in wording (e.g., "Why should I do Tensegrity?" and "How should I do Tensegrity?"). Sample answer: "The only way to do Tensegrity is to _do_ it." Other sample questions: "Is don Juan now a UFO?" "Are the Witches like UFOs?"

It was fascinating to watch how Castaneda handled an aggressive, sometimes edgy crowd without once losing his cool or raising his voice. He managed to dispense with even the most obnoxiously phrased question with light, yet pointed, humor.

A drawback for the non-Spanish-speaking participants, of whom there were apparently more than the organizers anticipated, was that there was an insufficient number of official translators, and that the few translators who were available were not native English speakers. Fortunately a number of us had varying degrees of proficiency in Spanish and were able to correct the translators' errors. And the translations seemed to get better as the weekend wore on.

Saturday morning at 9 AM, Castaneda spoke again briefly to a smaller crowd, approximately 400. He prepared us for the movements and suggested that we suspend judgment and try them. As he left the stage, he spotted many of us from the States who have attended the workshops in Los Angeles, and greeted us warmly.

There was some surprise in the room, and, I sensed, delight, when the five women, the Energy Trackers -- who took to the three raised stages to trade off demonstrating the movements -- included Nyei and Reni Murez and Kylie Lundahl. Joining them were two young women, one of whom was called Erin (who apparently hails from Argentina), and the other, whose name I didn't catch, who is Italian.

They taught us eight passes that morning, which were intended to strengthen the legs -- "our base." We did multiple repetitions of all the passes, and were told that we could do as many reps as we wanted in our own practice, as long as we stopped after 20 or so at a time to do a finishing movement (like the one used throughout the first video) to settle the energy back through the whole body. Each of these passes was a fairly simple movement, and no names were given for any of the passes.

Contrary to a prior report from a non-eyewitness, the Trackers patiently took lots of questions from the crowd on how to do each pass (although there seemed to be many more such questions even than there usually are at U.S. workshops). Also contrary to that "report," neither Nyei nor Reni ever struck me as having any difficulty keeping up with the other Trackers. In my view, all five seemed well prepared and hugely energetic, although the new Italian Tracker seemed a bit nervous initially and was presumably less accustomed than the others to instructing huge crowds.

At some point that morning, Philip, who prior workshop participants will remember as a translator for the Spanish speakers, joined Kylie on the center stage to help translate instructions (which Kylie, Nyei and Reni gave in English, and Erin gave in Spanish), and to help demonstrate the movements. (By Saturday afternoon a number of women around me were commenting on how well Philip performed the passes and that it was "nice to have a guy up there" for a change.)

After the lunch break, Castaneda again came to speak and to respond, apparently, to a report he'd had of the angry departure of an Italian participant during the morning session. He reminded us that it's not the warrior's way to get angry and that it is only a manifestation of self importance to become angry and leave in a huff. Tensegrity instruction then continued, and we reviewed the morning's passes and then learned four additional passes that involved a few more steps than the morning's simple movements.

The Saturday night lecture was moved to 8:30 PM. Castaneda started taking questions early on, and seemed to captivate the audience with his stories, jokes and puns. One joke that didn't initially get a strong reaction from the crowd was one that don Juan had told him, which Castaneda used as an example of don Juan's method of creating cognitive dissonance.

As Castaneda told it, a man was following a parrot down the street. After a couple of blocks, the parrot turned around and asked the man "Why are you following me?" The man said, "I'm sorry. I thought you were a parrot." This joke totally broke Castaneda up when don Juan told it (and Castaneda tried it out on us again Sunday morning, seemingly to poke fun at himself).

Since Castaneda mentioned at one point that the Valley of Mexico (in which Mexico City is situated) is the "epicenter," a few questioners asked what made this area special. As I understood it, the Nagual explained that since the "energy ceiling" [related to the altitude?] of the area was so high, unusual perceptions and events often happened on their own. He also reported that his vision clears up there, whereas after two days back in Los Angeles it's bad again. As he has previously explained, his vision problem is the result of the injury he suffered in one eye as a result of spinning to perceive in the 360-degree-world that he has described in prior workshops. (Interestingly, he also indicated that he never experiences the 360 degree world in his dreaming when he is in Mexico City.) The Nagual also answered a lot of questions about the Flyers, and acted out a wonderful story of an encounter he had in Mexico City with a witch of another lineage shortly after La Gorda's death that suddenly brought him clarity as to what had happened and where to go from there.

[Back at my hotel room Saturday night, after an intense day of Tensegrity instruction, and then running through the day's passes on my own before going to bed, I experienced a high degree of the visual distortions that I sometimes get after a long set of Tensegrity here. This experience gave me some feel for what the Nagual had said about the Valley of Mexico being a place where anything could happen.]

Sunday morning Castaneda greeted us at 9:15 AM, and proceeded to speak and answer more questions for nearly two hours. He referred to the long, bombastic question the night before from a man who had wanted Castaneda to respond to a number of assertions about vague concepts that the man asserted were "facts". Castaneda cited this as an example of how our Flyer-installed minds make us lumbering and heavy, weighing us down with "mental masturbation." He said that a Chinese word for this was "manfifa," and he then used that word several times as a more gentle way to point out this activity. At 11:15, Tensegrity instruction resumed, and we reviewed the 12 passes we'd previously learned and were then taught two more.

As the workshop closing time (1:30 PM) drew near, the Energy Trackers were indicating that they would try to spend the last 15 minutes answering additional questions about Tensegrity. Kylie first had a statement to make, however, explaining that her appearance, along with that of Reni and Nyei the preceeding day was partially in "atonement" for what had happened at the December workshop, while their presence that day was to help launch the new configuration of the Energy Trackers. She also indicated that she didn't know whether she would be teaching the movements at future workshops. In the few minutes remaining, instead of taking questions, Kylie led a fast and vigorous run through of several of the passes we had learned. This seemed to "rev up" and delight the crowd.

There was little opportunity to stay and chat, as the building staff were quickly dismantling the room and swinging wall panels into new positions. So, all too soon, another powerful workshop was over.

[I stayed in Mexico for an additional few days, traveling to Tula and visiting several sites in Mexico City that I'd read about in Castaneda's books. I continued to have a number of experiences that reminded me of the Nagual's comments about the effect of the energy ceiling in that area. All in all, it was the most vivid and unusual short vacation I've ever had. I look forward to the next Mexico City workshop, and would strongly urge others who haven't been there yet to experience the Valley of Mexico.]

-- genrich

P.S.: The Spanish word for Tensegrity that appears on my Mexico City T-shirt is "Tensigridad."

To: The Ixtlan Mailing List
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 1996 19:55:54 -0600 (CST)

[Translator's warning: the translation is done by one to whom Spanish is a second language. some of the English version is bound to be incorrect.]


Hi, this are my notes of the Tensegrity Seminar in Mexico City 26-28, January 1996.

CC spoke spanish and is easier for me in this language, maybe some of you speak the language, and would like to read it...

Estas son mis notas del Seminario de Carlos Castaneda en la Ciudad de Mexico, es solo el viernes... el sabado y domingo esta en otro Email. Solo escribi lo mas importante para mi... trate de no cambiar las palabras que usaba CC.... nos vemos

These are my notes of the Carlos Castaneda Seminar in Mexico City, Friday only . . . Saturday and Sunday are in another e-mail. I wrote down only what was most important for me . . . I tried not to change the words CC used . . . we'll see.

VIERNES 26 DE ENERO DE 1996. 7:00PM - 10:30PM


CC dice que un escritor, Mesmerm (aproximacion), ya habia hablado sobre parar el juicio, sobre que nos habiamos equivocado.

CC says that a writer, Mesmerm (or something like that) [actually Friedrich Anton Mesmer, Austrian physician and early experimenter with human energy fields and hypnotic cures: as in "to be mesmerized"] had already spoken to the issue of halting our judgement [judgementalness] which is a mistake that we made.

Todos quieren estar en las candilejas solo yo, yo, yo! La humanidad entera yo, yo, yo!

Everyone wants to be in the footlights. Only me, me, me! All humanity is me, me, me!

DJ le dijo entre mas chaparro mas egomaniatico! DJ le agradecia mucho a CC porque decia: "el mero hecho de verte llegar me dan ganas de vomitar! Cada vez que vienes me renovo!"

DJ told him the shorter the man, the more egomaniacal they are! DJ valued Carlos a great deal, as he said: "the very fact of seeing you arrive makes me want to vomit! Every time you visit I renew [or remodel, renovate] myself!"

CC admiraba mucho a un maestro de la facultad que hablaba muy bonito a este maestro le cuestionaban sobre algo y se quedaba varios minutos en silencio moviendo la boca, como masticando, pensando, hasta que empezaba una larga perorata, que los dejaba anonadados... DJ le decia: quieres ser como tu maestro? observalo!  CC se dio cuenta que era un genio de 8 a 3pm... despues no era nada!!! era todo lo que hacia! Todo lo que el descubre y hace no tiene influencia en su vida como es posible!!! Para un brujo eso es inaudito!!!

CC greatly admired a professor at the university who spoke beautifully. Someone would ask a question and he would keep silent for several minutes, moving his mouth as if chewing, thinking, until he would begin a long oration that left them dazzled [overwhelmed]. DJ said: you want to be like your professor? Look closely! CC realized that the man was a genius from 8 to 3 pm . . . after that, he was nothing!!! It was all he did! Nothing he learned or did had any influence in his life. How is it possible!!! For a sorcerer, this is outrageous [unheard-of].

CC habla sobre las 3 chacmools que ya no son chacmools: Las 3 luchan contra su ego! quisieron ser jefas cada una y se fueron a donde se fue padilla!

CC speaks of the 3 Chacmools that are no longer the Chacmools: All three are fighting the ego! They all wanted to be chiefs, and  they wound up going where Padilla [folk saying] went!

DJ: No se puede insistir! las cosas si quieren salir, salen.... si se insiste, no! Habla del New Age.... eso es de Old Age... son egomaniacos...

DJ: You cannot insist! [demand? push yourself forward?]  Things that want to come out, will come out . . . if pushed, no! They speak of the New Age . . . This is the Old Age . . . They are egomaniacs.

DJ le decia a CC que tenia un clavo que necesitaba sacarselo... CC muchas veces le dijo a DJ: Don Juan, saqueme el clavo.... DJ le contestaba: No, no, hoy no. :-)

DJ told CC that he had a nail [peg, plug, pin?] that needed to come out. CC said many times: Don Juan, take the nail out for me . . . DJ answered: No, no, not today.

Don Juan me decia: "No hubo pasion, tu mama ni supo lo que le paso, nada! Observate, observate, observate, no te estas quieto." (CC con temblorina)

Don Juan told me: "There was no passion, your mom did not even know what happened to her. Nothing! Look, look, look, you can't even hold still. (CC had the shakes)

La mayoria de nosotros somos iguales por eso no podemos brincar bien y perdemos energia en cosas que no........

Most of us are the same, and that is why we cannot make the leap and we lose energy in things that don't [or that aren't] . . .

CC: Mi origen fue una cojida aburrida, don Juan me decia si no te gusta puedes decirte CA, ademas me llamo Carlos Aranha.

CC: My origin was a bored fuck, don Juan told me that if I did not like that, I could say CA [cojida aburrida], since my name was _Carlos _Aranha.

Don Juan no queria fotos, ni publicidad para sus discipulos, porque no tenian energia, se iban a agotar.

Don Juan wanted no photos, nor any publicity for his disciples, because they did not have energy, and that would wear them out [exhaust them].

Por que tensigridad?

Why Tensegrity?

Un estudiante de DJ se fue (Carol Tiggs) En el cosmos total hay otro medio, el mar de la consciencia, ella estuvo ida por 10 anhos. Ella regreso! Una vez que estaba dando un seminario en Los Angeles, al fondo del salon vi un resplandor ambarino, muy diferente a los de las demas personas, al ver vi a Carol Tiggs, esta muy joven! algunos de ustedes la han visto y esta muy jovencita....

One student of DJ went away (Carol Tiggs) In the total universe there is another medium, the sea of awareness, she was gone for ten years. She came back! I was giving a lecture in Los Angeles, and at the back of the room I saw an amber radiance, very different from the other people, and when I looked, I saw Carol Tiggs, very young! Some of you have seen her and she is very young.

Disciplina para un brujo es un proposito, su proposito es la libertad, para llegar se pulen

Discipline for a sorcerer is a proposition [a goal] whose purpose is freedom; to get there requires polish.

Somos conjuntos de campos energeticos, un conglomerado Algo nos mantiene en orden.

We are a combination of energy fields, a conglomerate. Something keeps us together [maintains our order].

DJ decia: "No se puede dominar esta fuerza (idiotas!), se puede acceder. Fue el error de los brujos antiguos."

DJ said: "You cannot master [dominate] this force (idiots!), but it can be used [agreed with?]. That was the error of the ancient sorcerers."

Si podemos tener acceso al Mexico aquel... que nos detiene? que hacemos? .... nos emborrachamos, nos drogramos y eso es amor por si mismos? egomaniaticos!!! uno no les puede ver... porque se enojan!

If we could have access to that Mexico . . . what could hold us back? What do we do? . . . we get drunk, take drugs; this is loving oneself? Egomaniacs!!! One cannot even look at them . . . they will get mad!

DJ le preguntaba: "Cual es la contribucion de tu hombre al sistema de pensamiento?! que dijo tu abuelo? que te dijo tu padre? que dices tu? ...  " pucha! que cosa bruta! que quieres de la vida? CC contesta: No se! (despues de mucho pensar) quiero amor ( CC cuenta que se estuvieron riendo de el por mucho tiempo... cada vez que lo veian venir decian: ahi viene el que anda buscando amor!)

DJ asked: What is your man's contribution to thought? What did your grandfather say? What did your father tell you?  What do you say?  "pucha!" What a tough one! [or, What stupidity!] What do you want from life?  CC answers: I don't know! (after much thought) I want love. (CC says they laughed at him for a long time . . . every time they saw him coming, they said: here comes the one who goes around looking for love!

CC: yo muchas veces le preguntaba a DJ sobre algo que no tenia explicacion y el me cantaba ... "preguntale a las estrellas que por las noches me ven llorar...."

CC: I often asked DJ about things that had no explanation, and he would sing to me: "ask the stars which by night see me crying . . ."

DJ: "Como un mortal, tengo que encontrar todo lo que pueda!"

DJ: "As a mortal, I have to encounter [meet with] everything I can!"

DJ: "Yo no estoy obligado a honrar acuerdos en los que yo no participe"
DJ: "yo no participe en el acuerdo de ser viejo, mirate tu! mirame!"

DJ: "I am not obligated to honor agreements in which I did not participate."
DJ: "I did not participate in the agreement to be old. Look at yourself! Look at me!"

DJ me decia, hablas en renglones sintaxicos "es que nadie me comprende"

DJ told me, you talk in syntaxical grooves [lines?] . .  "it+s that nobody understands me."

DJ: deja todo lo que le incumbe al mundo cotidiano, te estas matando por comportarte como normal, eso lo haces con el dedo chiquito. La lucha esta en el horizonte!!!

DJ: Leave everything that ties you to the everyday world, you are killing yourself trying to act normal, you can do that with your little finger. The fight is at the horizon!!! [or, _on the horizon]

DJ: deja de ser el macho latino...

DJ: stop being a Latin macho . . .

yo decia yo quiero acabar con la hegemonia gringa, el problema esta en que los paises como los estados unidos nos tienen... (larga rollo sobre arreglar el mundo) DJ se me quedaba viendo y me decia: por que no dejas de fumar? :-)

I said I would like to end the hegemony of the gringos, that the problem was that countries like the United States have us . . . (long thread about fixing the world) DJ kept looking at me and said: why don't you quit smoking?

CC habla de como DJ lo "ayudo" a dejar de fumar: DJ una vez le dijo que iban a hacer un viaje que duraria varios dias, asi que le dijo que se preparara y llevara unas 20 cajas de cigarros y las envolviera muy bien porque habian muchos coyotes que se la podian robar o mordisquear. CC las forro muy bien, hasta les puso una puertecita donde solo cupiera su mano, y poderla cerrar. Cuando andaban en la sierra de Chihuahua, un dia CC se levanto y vio que habia desaparecido su paquete especial donde guardaba sus cigarros, DJ lo ayudo a buscarla y encontraron huellas de coyotes, los cuales probablemente se la habian llevado, pasaron muchas horas buscandola, pero no pudieron encontrarla. Despues DJ le dice que se habian perdido con tantas vueltas y que no sabia como regresarse, CC se enojo mucho con DJ diciendole muchas tonterias, reganhandolo porque como era posible que se hubieran perdido asi, el tan conocedor de toda la sierra.... y se sento enojado esperando que DJ le pidiera perdon... hasta que se dio cuenta de que nunca lo iba a hacer, se pusieron a caminar porque CC pensaba que facilmente encontrarian un pueblo o ciudad en cualquier direccion que caminaran, caminaron mucho, pasaron 2 barrancos y nada... hasta que CC se dio por vencido, pensaba que se iba a morir, estaba seguro de que no se iban a salvar. Comentaba con DJ que ya no tenian salvacion, es cuando
DJ le pregunta: ya no te importa nada mas que salvarte?
CC contesta que si
DJ: y que paso con los cigarros?
CC: no, los cigarros ya no me importan, todo lo que me importa es salvarnos!!!
Entonces DJ le dice "vamonos", caminan y se da cuenta que la carretera esta a unos 20 metros de donde estaban, atrasito de una lomita!

CC talks of how DJ "helped" him quit smoking. One time DJ told him they were going on a trip that would last several days, so he should prepare and carry about 20 packs of  cigarettes, and he should wrap them really well because coyotes could steal them or gnaw on them. CC enveloped them carefully, to the point of making a little opening just big enough for his hand, which could be closed. As they hiked around the Chihuahuan Sierra, one morning CC got up and saw that his special cigarette bundle had disappeared. DJ helped him look around and they found some coyote tracks, said animals presumed to have carried them off. They spent many hours hunting, but couldn't find them. Then DJ said he had gotten lost making so many circles and he didn't know how to get back. CC got mad and said a bunch of nonsense [stupid things], scolding him, asking him how it was possible that he, the one who knows everything about the mountains, could get lost . . . and he sat down in anger waiting for DJ to ask his pardon [beg for forgiveness]. Until he realized DJ wasn't ever going to do that, then they started out walking because CC thought they would easily find a village or town whichever direction they walked. They went far, past 2 ravines, and . . . nothing. Until CC gave up and thought they were going to die, he was sure they were not going to survive. He commented to DJ that there was no hope anymore, and DJ asked him: you mean the only thing that matters is surviving?
CC answered yes.
DJ: and what happened to the cigarettes?
DD: no, the cigarettes don't matter, the only thing that counts is to save ourselves.
Then DJ said, "Let's go," and they walked behind a little hill and there was a road, 20 meters from where they were.

Al volver Carol Tiggs rompe varios canones, ya no es el mundo de DJ el no nos encaro, lo unico que le importaba era continuar su linaje, DJ no era un maestro, un= dia me doy cuenta que no soy como el. Yo estoy aqui para cerrar y apagar su linaje, pero debe ser con elegancia! Los pases magicos son una fuerza aglutinante. Estos ejercicios son super secretos para los brujos, pero no para CC y las 3!

By returning, Carol Tiggs broke several rules, and now it is no  longer the world of DJ he did not aim us for [no longer the world DJ pointed us to?] the only thing important to him was to continue his lineage, DJ was not a teacher, one day I realized I am not like him. I am here to close and switch off his lineage, but to do it with elegance! The magic passes are an agglutinating force. These exercises are super-secrets for the sorcerers, but not for CC and the 3!

Van a hacer los pases magicos genericos, si se puede llegar a ese conglomerado en conjunto todos nosotros! el no supo de la masa de su hombre. Nosotros vamos a terminar su linaje con una explosion!!

You are going to do generic magical passes, to see if it's possible for all of us to arrive at that comglomerate together! He didn't know about the mass of his people We are going to end his lineage with an explosion!

Solo el hombre europeo, sabe pensar ... NO! Pensar es un salto mortal a lo inaudito! Sin drogas, alcohol.......

Only European man knows how to think ... NO! To think is to take a mortal [or conclusive] leap into the inconceivable [the unheard of]. Without drugs, alcohol.......

Somos una manga de borrachos!! a eso nos han reducido!!! Esta vida es una cosa aburridisima! El mundo cotidiano nos embrujo!! En Washington la casa blanca es el intento total de nuestra civilizacion... Una persona ve en la casa blanca todo nuestra civilizacion, para un brujo no hay nada... La Casa Blanca existe en el intento de toda la masa.

We are a waterspout [stream] of drunks!! That's what we have been reduced to!!! This life is such a bore!!! The everyday world has bewitched us!! In Washington, the White House is the sum total of the intent of our civilization. A person sees in the White House the epitome of our civilization; for a sorcerer, there is nothing.  The White House exists in the intent of the entire mass.

Llamar al intento... es una fuerza que existe y esta conciente de si misma. La idea de Don Juan es que cuando menos hay que estar concientes en lo que hacemos!

Call intent . . . it is a force that exists and is aware [self-aware?] Don Juan's idea was that at the very least we have to be aware of what we do!

(alguien pregunta sobre el ensuenho) Primero quitar el yo personal, el ensuenho no se va a poder hasta que se quite el yo personal. Ensonhar es mirar en la eternidad como microbios que somos.

(someone asks about dreaming) First, get rid of the personal "I." Dreaming is not possible until the personal self is cleared away. To dream is to look into eternity like the microbes we are.

CC dice que nosotros no podemos ensonhar porque no tenemos poder. Lo que tenemos son solo viajes egomaniaticos...
CC: Uno ensuenha cuando no hay nada adentro, no deseos, enojos, ni siquiera felicidad. Es un estado supremo. El ensuenho te catapultea, es un estado trampolin, de interrupcion del sistema interpretativo.

CC says that _we_ are not able to dream because we do not have power. All we have are egomaniacal voyages.
CC: One dreams when there is nothing inside, no desire, anger, not even happiness. It is a supreme state. Dreaming will catapult you, it is a springboard, an interruption of the interpretive system.

Nosotros 4 no podemos irnos sin dejarselos (los ejercicios). La gente que practica tensigridad se ve lindisima, mas delgada, mas viva, con brillo en los ojos.

We 4 cannot go without leaving these for you (the exercises). The people who practice Tensegrity look beautiful, more slender, more alive, with a shine in the eyes.

Una mujer le dice a CC que las 3 (Tiggs, Abelar y Donner) se ven como amas de casa popof, y el le pregunta que como le gustaria que se vieran?... ella contesta: como yo!

A woman says to CC that the 3 (Tiggs, Abelar and Donner) look like "popof" housewives [Popov--Russian author?], and he asked her what would you like them to look like? . . . She answers: like me!

Now, on with the lecture . . .

- ( platicando sobre los problemas con personas de la vida diaria) DJ le decia: No andes peleando con esos senhores, halagalos!! Diles cosas inauditas.... como por ejemplo... Tu eres casi una deidad! CC una vez se lo dijo a un jefe suyo y ... se lo trago! Uno no debe escatimar esfuerzos, Adulalos!! Por que andar con enojos? la batalla esta en el horizonte. Si esta es la unica vida que tengo, por que desperdiciarla?

- (talking about problems with people in the daily world) DJ tells him: Don't go around quarreling with these people, fawn on them [cajole them]!! Tell them outrageous things . . . like for example . . . You are almost a god! CC said that once to a superior of his . . . and the guy swallowed it! One shouldn't scrimp on the effort, flatter them!! Why go around angry? The battle is on the horizon. If this is the only life I have, why waste it?

La lucha es arida! Si tuviera que escoger, escogeria este camino otra vez!

The fight is arid! [dry? solitary? --slang I don't know?] If I had to choose, I would choose this road all over again!

- (hablando de preocuparse por tonterias) Yo siempre decia hace mucho frio, mucho calor, mucho viento....

- (talking of worrying about nonsense) I always said it's cold, it's hot, very windy . . .

Nosotros no podemos acritar a nadie, somos seres insulares, tenemos linderos... No podemos quitar ni dar energia.

We cannot (acritar) anybody, we are insular beings, we have boundaries. We cannot take or give away energy.

Nosotros tenemos 3 centros energeticos:
1. Pancreas e higado
2. Vaso
3. Rinhones (adrenales)
Las mujeres tienen un cuarto:
4. Vientre   <--- solo mujeres We have 3 centers of energy:
1. Pancreas and liver
2. Gall bladder ? Spleen? [vaso = drinking glass]
3. Kidneys (adrenals)
Women have a fourt:
4. Womb   <--- only women

Alguien de los presentes pregunto que si que pasaba con las que les habian extirpado el utero, CC dice: "entonces tienen lo que se le llama un utero fantasma!" :-))

Someone present asked what happens to those who have had the uterus removed, CC says: "then they have what is called a phantom uterus!"

CC: La energia sexual sirve para reproduccion o para evolucion... o... para las 2 cosas!!

CC: Sexual energy serves for reproduction or for evolution . . . or... for both!!

CC dice que estamos a punto de extinguirnos por nuestro bajo nivel de esperma, el hombre se extingue y nosotros seguimos con nuestras p......

CC says we are at the point of extinguishing ourselves because of the low sper+vel, man goes extinct and we continue with our p.......

Un gran fisico le dijo una vez: Sus libros me distrajeron un tiempo de joven... no me puede probar lo que hace... CC le contesta que el tampoco le puede probar sus teorias de fisica, porque para entender las teorias sobre la gravedad hay que estudiar mucho, por ejemplo, necesita llevar fisica 1, 2, 3, 4....

A famous scientist once said to him: Your books entertained me for a while when I was young . . . you can't prove to me what you do . . . CC answered that neither could he prove his theories of physics, for to understand theories of gravity one would have to study a lot, taking, for example, physics 1, 2, 3, 4 . . .

CC: Nosotros hemos aprendido a esperar, a amarrarnos nuestros zapatos, a hacer popo en el banho.......

CC: We have learned to wait, to tie our shoes, to doo-doo in the bathroom . . .

Nadie ni un loco, jamas!! se hace caca en el lobby de un hotel...  hasta eso llega! ( hasta eso llega lo que hemos aprendido)

No one, not even a crazy, never!! makes caca in the lobby of a hotel . . . It comes to this! (this is what our learning comes down to)

.... el orden social viene de algo indiscutible! no tiene nada que ver con mano a juana

.... the social order comes from something undeniable! It has nothing to do with [masturbation].

CC tuvo un anho en que se le permitio visitar otras filosofias, para ver que similitudes existian... una vez visito a un guru, lo bendijo y le echa con un simbolo falico un liquido... todo lo que contenia el simbolo... le pregunto a uno de los ayudantes del guru que si que era, le dijo que era pipi!! porque dicen que todo lo que sale de su cuerpo es sagrado... y se jactan de no ser egomaniacos!

CC had a year during which he was able to visit other philosophies, to see what similarities existed . . . one time he visited a guru, who blessed him by sprinkling him with a liquid from a phallic symbol . . . everything was contained in the symbol [?] he asked one of the helpers of the guru what it was, and he told him it was pee-pee!! because they say everything that leaves his body is sacred . . . and they brag about not being egomaniacs!

- (Hablando de la gente en general) .... y que hacemos nosotros, unos golfos, huevones...  Lo que dice Don Juan requiere una cordura excesiva!

- (speaking about people in general) . . . and what do we do, ragamuffins, couch potatoes [fat testes]. . . What don Juan says would take incredible wisdom! [?]

Por que no ser como tu maestro de 8 a 3pm, pero despues se un ser magico!!! ( CC habla de que nosotros en la vida normal que llevamos, bien podemos practicar lo que el ensenha, sin tener que ir a la sierra, ni al desierto, ni hacer esas cosas extranhas...)

Why not be like your teacher from 8 to 3pm, but afterward be a magical being!!! (CC is saying that in our normal lives, we can practice what he is showing us, without having to go to the mountains, nor the desert, nor do strange things . . .)

La tensegridad es parte del acervo de los brujos antiquisimos... Tensegrity is part of the hoard (assets) of the very ancient sorcerers . . .

DJ en 1973 se extinguio, se transformo en luz, la serpiente emplumada, DJ y sus companheros dieron una vuelta, ufa!!! que belleza!!! ( cuando pasa eso) La tierra te dice vete, te corta la raiz y deja flotar!

DJ came to an end in 1973, transformed into light, the plumed serpent, DJ and his companions gave a loop . . . Ufa!!! What beauty!!! (when this happens) Earth says go, the root is cut, and you float free!

Ahora no hay nada, no hay disciplina. Se necesita disciplina y cojones de acero!

Right now you have nothing, no discipline. You need discipline and balls of steel!

* Empieza sesion de preguntas y respuestas: pregunta- Estan relacionados los ovnis con brujeria de DJ? aliados?
CC: eso si que no se... NO!! dejate de ovnis...

* Question and answer session begins:  Question: Are UFO's related to the sorcery of DJ? the Allies?
CC: That I wouldn't know... NO!! forget the UFO's...

CC dice "yo no puedo con los secretos." Explosion es tocarte a vos que belleza! No te enojes si te dan palos, ni tampoco se te suba si te alaban Ellas (Chacmools) se cayeron, pero ya se pararon y no pueden esconder eso porque todo fallaria!

CC says "I have no secrets." The explosion is [to touch yourself?] What beauty! Don't get mad if I whack you, or swell up if I praise you They (the Chacmools) fell, but now it is stopped, and it can't be hidden because everything would break down.

CC: los pases tratan de juntar la energia periferica y jalarla

CC: the passes try to gather periferal energy and move it [guide it, or pull it]

(CC dice que ha tratado desde hace mucho de que mas gente conosca lo que hace, ha dado muchos seminarios sin cobrar nada, ha invitado a la prensa y hasta una vez le propusieron hacer una pelicula, pero al final los productores pensaron que no iba a funcionar)
CC: hemos invitado a cantidad de periodicos, vienen una vez y ya! no vuelven a venir..
(CC cuenta que un representante de la television en tono paternal le dice: Carlitos.... si lo que dices fuera cierto, nosotros ya lo sabriamos...)

(CC says that he done his best for a long time to see that more people learn about what he is doing, he gave many seminars at no charge, invited the press, and one time they proposed a movie, but then the producers decided it wouldn't work)
CC: we have invited a bunch of reporters, they come once and then! they don't come back. . .
(CC tells of a television representative who said to him in a paternal tone: Little Carlos . . . if what you say were true, we would already know it...)

(CC habla de que todos tenemos una historia) mi historia: soy enano, soy morenito, soy huerfanito
CC: alguien llega y siente lastima por mi y me dice: eres huerfanito?
CC: siiiiii (quejido) :-)
DJ le decia que el era Juan Alonso... entre mas viejo mas sonzo!

(CC talks about how all of us have a story [a history]) My story: I am a dwarf, I am brown-skinned, I'm an orphan
CC: Someone comes along and feels sorry for me and says: are you an orphan? CC: yeessssssss (whining) :-)
DJ said he was Juan Alonso ... the older he got, the more inane!

(habla sobre el miedo a hacer cosas)

(talk about fear of doing things)

El escritor que no escribe porque solo escribe una carta... The writer who doesn't write because he only writes one [a?] letter . . .

- (pregunta: Como se puede parar el dialogo interno?) CC: a patadas! decir NO!

- (question: How can we stop the internal dialog?) CC: Stamp it out [Kick it]! Say NO!

- (pregunta: Podemos vivir esto en la vida cotidiana?) CC: por supuesto

- (question: Can we live this out in the everyday world?) CC: of course

- (alguien pregunto algo sobre mezcalito) CC: toma esos libros de Carlos Castaneda y quemalos! ponte a hacer los ejercicios...

- (someone asks something about Mescalito) CC: take those books by Carlos Castaneda and burn them! Put yourself to work on the passes . . .

- (pregunta: No importa la contaminacion de la Cd. de Mexico?) CC: no importa para nada...

- (question: What about the contamination in the air of Mexico City?) CC: It's of no importance whatsoever . . .

CC: dice que tiene otro tenor que se llama el guerrero en fuga, es el unico modo en que no duelen los dardos!

CC: says he has a different mood called the warrior in flight [escaping, running away]; it's the only way (mode) in which the darts [cutting remarks] don't hurt!

Estas son mis notas del Seminario de Carlos Castaneda en la Ciudad de Mexico, es solo sabado y domingo .... el viernes esta en un Email anterior. Solo escribi lo mas importante para mi... trate de no cambiar las palabras que usaba CC....  algun comentario? con confianza... ya saben mi Email... me gustaria conocer gente cerca de Sonora, Mexico! ahi vivo! nos vemos...

SABADO 27 DE ENERO DE 1996 9:00 AM -
CC: Ser joven cuando uno es joven es chiste, pero ser joven cuando se es viejo...

SATURDAY JANUARY 27, 1996 9:00 AM -
CC: To be youthful when one is young is a joke, but to be youthful when one is old . . .

A CC le dice su amiga, te leo lo que te escribieron, no, no, no porque mi ego puede subir con lo que escriban.... le rogo muchas veces hasta que lo convencio... la carta decia: felicidades en tu 75 aniversario!

A female friend said to CC, I will read you what they wrote. No, no, no, because my ego might swell up from what they write . . . She pled with him until he gave in . . . the letter said: congratulations on your 75th anniversary!

Fluidez, no enojos, prepotencia no tan intensas, hasta llegar a un lugar de simpatia.

Fluidity, not anger, potential held back [not intense], until arriving at a place of affection.

DJ no esta de acuerdo a honrar acuerdos en los que no participo!

DJ does not consent to honor agreements in which he did not  participate!

Los brujos no tienen secretos ni pueden guardar secretos!

Sorcerers have no secrets nor can they guard secrets!

Preguntas y respuestas:

Questions and answers:

CC: los brujos aman pero no son inversionistas! (alguien pregunta que si es amor incondicional o....) No es amor incondicional, los brujos hacen un regalo, es el placer de poder experimentar un afecto total, ellos no quieren que los quieran para que....

CC: Sorcerers love, but are not investors! (someone asks if the love is unconditional or . . . ) It is not unconditional love, sorcerers make a gift, it is a pleasure to be able to experience total affection, they don't love in order to . . . [or so that . . .]

Los brujos sienten un afecto tan intenso... que si quitas un pedacito, se desvanece....

Sorcerers feel an affection so intense . . . If a tiny bit were taken away, [to swoon, to disappear, to evanesce--which?]

El punto de encaje es el mismo para toda la humanidad! El punto de encaje se encuentra a la altura de nuestro homoplato izquierdo, y a un brazo de distancia directamente hacia atras. El punto de encaje al moverse percive otros mundos. Hay muchos mundos inclusivos, los brujos antiguos contaron 600 posiciones.

The assemblage point is found at the height of our left shoulderblade [?], at an arm's length straight back. When the assemblage point moves, other worlds are  perceived. There are many complete worlds, the ancient sorcerers counted 600 positions.

No todos los puntos a donde se desplaza el punto de encaje es un mundo inclusivo. ( estas posiciones estan sobre la superficie del huevo luminoso)

Not all positions to which the assemblage point can be displaced engage a total world. (these positions are on the outside surface of the luminous egg)

El arte de acechar es forzar al punto de encaje a que se mantenga en la misma posicion.

The art of stalking is to force the assemblage point to stay in the same position.

Si el punto de encaje se posiciona fuera del huevo, se encuentran mundos que se salen del carril no humano!

If the assemblage point moves outside the egg, worlds outside the human groove [track] are encountered!

Alguien o algo me empujo a un mundo donde la vida no es estereoscopica, aqui vemos lineal, solo vemos el 15% de todo, entre en un mundo de 360 grados de vision! Al entrar en el, algo me fuerza a rotar y no puedo ver, me rechingue la cornea del lado derecho!

Someone or something pushed me to a world where life is not stereoscopic, here we see lineally, we see only 15% of everything. I entered into a world of 360 degrees of vision! Upon entering, something forces me to rotate and I can't see, I fucked-up the cornea of my right side!

DJ deseo siempre entrar en un mundo donde lo humano no cuenta, no pudo! DJ se fue en 1973, se convirtio en un haz de luz.

DJ always wanted to go to a world where the human didn't exist, but he couldn't! DJ left in 1973, transformed into a beam of light.

En 1985 Florinda Matus se fue!

In 1985 Florinda Matus left!

De que vale esto? DJ decia: no vale nada! es para espiritus aventureros, es mejor que morir, el camino es exquisito!

What is it worth? DJ said: it's not worth anything! It is for adventurous spirits, it's better than dying; the road is exquisite!

DJ me decia: pero de verdad sientes compasion por tus semejantes?
CC: si siento
DJ: hasta el punto de dejar de fumar?
CC: No!

DJ said to me: is it true you feel compassion for your fellow men?
CC: yes, I do feel it
DJ: to the point of giving up smoking?
CC: No!

to be continued....



To: The Ixtlan Mailing List
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 1996 19:55:54 -0600 (CST)

Nosotros no estamos interesados en una confrontacion, no queremos quitarnos la mascara, la mascara de la compasion...

We are not interested in a confrontation, we don't want to take off the mask, the mask of compassion . . .

DJ decia: fijate yo amo a mi espiritu y tu ni a ti mismo te quieres...

DJ said: Look, I love [amar] my spirit and you don't even care for [querer] yourself . . .

DJ: lo mas tenebroso para mi, es la compasion profesional, esa de "te abrazo para que mueras conmigo", escupelos!!!! Cuidar a los ninhos no es lo mismo, eso se aplaude!

DJ: the worst thing for me is the professional compassion, this thing of "I embrace you so you will die with me," spit on it!!!! To take care of children is not the same thing, that's to be applauded!

Premisa del brujo: Todos vamos a morir!

Premise of the sorcerer: All of us are going to die!

DJ decia: no hablen y coman porque les salen pedos!

DJ said: don't talk when you eat because it will make farts!

Parece que como raza total estamos al final, por lo que veo no tenemos manera de ubicarnos... No tenemos ubicacion filosofica, es el augurio de que no hay tiempo...

It appears that as a race [species] we are at an end, from what I see we have no way to situate ourselves . . . We have no philosophical location, it's an omen that we have no time.

pregunta- Necesitamos salir al campo a practicar lo aprendido...? a la sierra...? CC: no necesitas un sitio ad-hoc hazlo aqui! yo aplico todo lo que me ensenho DJ en esto (refiriendose al seminario y andar en la ciudad)

question- Do we need to go out into wilderness to practice what we learned? To the mountains? CC: You don't need some ad hoc site . . . do it here! I apply everything DJ showed me in this (referring to the seminar and walking in the city)

La mujer y el hombre estan hechos para procrear y para evolucionar, uno es capaz de eso y mucho mas!!!!

Women and men are made to procreate and to evolve, one is capable of this and much more!!!!

Los pases magicos no fueron inventos, fueron descubiertos por los brujos antiguos Ellos se dieron cuenta que ciertos movimientos corporales repetian lo que habian sentido en los ensuenhos (para mas energia)

The magical passes were not invented, they were discovered by ancient sorcerers. They realized certain corporal movements reproduced what they had felt in dreaming (for more energy)

pregunta- que hay de cierto del explorador azul? El entra en el mundo de DJ por culpa de el, DJ le dijo que no se metiera con los inorganicos, pero siempre que le decian que no, iba y lo hacia, cuando vio al explorador azul lo vio como una nena de 7 anhos que se parecia mucho a su papa, esta le dijo ayudame, el le dio toda su energia para que saliera. Al explorador azul lo atraparon por explorar. Carol Tiggs le da vida. Es ahora hija de Carol Tiggs. Esa ninha es el epicentro de varios de ellos! puede hacer muchas cosas, pero por lo demas es normal..... casi... La aparicion de ese explorador es la confirmacion de la extincion de DJ

Question- what's for sure about the Blue Scout? It was Carlos' fault she entered don Juan's world, because DJ always told him not to, but he went, and when he saw the blue scout he saw her as a 7-year-old child that looked a lot like his father, she said help me, and he gave all his energy so she could leave. They trapped the blue scout for exploring. Carol Tiggs brought her to life. She's now the daughter of Carol Tiggs. This girl is the epicenter of several of them! she can do many things, but otherwise is normal . . . almost . . . The appearance [coming out] of this explorer is confirmation of  the extinction of DJ [DJ's lineage?]

La energia la tienes o no la tienes, nadie te la puede dar! You have energy or you don't have energy, nobody can give it to you!

DJ dice: yo no necesito a nadie, no necesito ensenharle a nadie, pero ... la idea de que Florinda Donner puede volar es un gusto indescriptible

DJ says: I don't need anyone, I don't need to teach anyone, but . . the idea that Florinda Donner can fly is an indescribable joy.

Voladores? Los voladores son conciencias de ser sin organismo Cuando DJ le explica a CC, CC dice que no existen, DJ le dice que como sabe que la conciencia de ser tiene que tener organismo?

Flyers? The flyers are awarenesses without organisms When DJ explained them to CC, CC said they did not exist. DJ asked him how he knew that awareness had to have an organism?

Los voladores se alimentan de la conciencia total The flyers feed on all awareness [or, on total awareness]

DJ no prepara nada todo lo lee en la pared DJ does not prep anything, he reads it all on the wall.

El hombre es la unica especie que no tiene limite, todas las especies tienen limite. Toda nuestra conciencia del ser llega a una franja del dedo gordo, eso es todo!! Toda nuestra conciencia del ser es comida por los voladores, lo unico que nos queda es un pedacito! Todo mundo con yo, yo, yo

Man is the only species without limits [borders], all species have limits. Our entire awareness [of being] amounts to a thumb-wide fringe [band], that's all! All of our awareness is eaten by the flyers, all that's left to us is a little slice (piece)! The whole world goes I, I, I.

CC: El brujo explica que los voladores son como sombras, como grillos saltando.

CC: The sorcerer explains that the flyers are like shadows, like crickets jumping.

La conciencia del ser es como un arbol, si no se poda crece! (los podadores son los voladores)

Awareness is like a tree; if unpruned, it grows! (the pruners are the flyers)

El raciocinio del dedo gordo! es todo lo que nos dejan... si nos comen un poquito mas nos morimos!

Reasoning the thickness of a thumb! That's all that's left to us . . . if they ate a bit more, we would die!

Alguien de los asistentes dice que vio un volador, CC dice que lo que ella tiene es talento, por poder ver voladores, dice: "a los brujos no les gusta el talento, les gusta la disciplina"

One of the people attending says she saw a flyer, and CC says that to see flyers, she must have talent, but: "talent is not  what sorcerers like, they like discipline."

Que nos coman no es chiste, es muy serio!! That we are being eaten is no joke, it's very serious!!

A los voladores la disciplina no les gusta! nosotros con 3 dias de no ser comidos es suficiente para ver!!!

Flyers don't like discipline! 3 days of not being eaten is sufficient to let us _see_!!!

Las maniobras de los voladores nos convierten de ingenieros en creyentes! Como es posible que un ser tan inteligente sea tan duro en eso (creer en cualquier divinidad) Quien nos dio esas creencias? los brujos dicen que los voladores!

The maneuvers of the flyers change us from engineers into believers! How is it possible that a being so intelligent can be so stuck in this (to believe in a supreme being)

Los voladores nos dieron la mente, la mente no es nuestra! Flyers gave us the mind; the mind is not ours!

le pregunto a DJ: que pasa si la mente se esfuma? que pasa? DJ: otro nivel, no piensas, hay conocimiento!

I ask DJ: What happens if the mind disappears? What happens? DJ: A different level, no thinking; there's knowledge!

le digo a DJ: 2 y 2 son 4 le entiendo DJ me dice: no entiendes! usas un proceso!

I say to DJ: 2 and 2 are 4, that I understand. DJ says to me: You are not understanding! You are using a process!

El arte del brujo es liberarse de la mente! The art of the sorcerer is to liberate the self from the mind!

Estamos a merced de esas entidades (voladores). Nos comen como nosotros comemos pollos, los cuidamos y luego nos los comemos

We are at the mercy of these entities (flyers). They eat us the way we eat chicken; we raise them and then we eat them.

DJ me hacia usar mi raciocinio para llegar a una opinion negativa de los voladores

DJ made me use reason to arrive at a negative opinion of the flyers.

Sin gritos, sin alardes el guerrero lucha impecablemente Without shouting, without showing off, the warrior fights impeccably.

El intelecto nos fuerza en convoluciones que a veces no........ The intellect forces us into convolutions that at times do not . . .

La mente nos fuerza a conceptualizar! La instalacion extranjera es la mente, pensaron todo los brujos del linaje hacer las cosas sin pensarias mucho, espanta a la mente!

The mind forces us to conceptualize! The foreign installation is the mind; all of the sorcerers of the lineage were determined to perform without thinking a lot, to scare away the mind!

Existen 3 tipos de personas: los pedos, los orines y los vomitos

There are 3 types of people: the farts, the pisses, and the vomits

los pedos son pesadisimos, te dicen vete al carajo, puto, no los puedes respirar los orines son suavecitos, no te mojes los zapatos, los vomitos son los por favor, parece que tienes

Farts are very heavy, they tell you to go to hell, you male whore, you can't get a word out [can't get a breath]. Pisses are smooth, don't get your shoes wet. Vomits are the please, it looks like you have . . .

La complejidad no es cierto, solo es una capa de pintura Los psicologos no sirven para nada

Complexity is not true; it's only a coat of paint. Psychologists aren't worth anything.

CC dice que trata de dirijirse a esa otra entidad de nosotros.

CC says: try to direct yourselves to the other part of ourselves.

CC dice que es el mismo viaje que DJ

CC say that is is the same trip that DJ

La gorda Maria Elena se murio de egomaniatica diciendo que era la mujer nagual, que todos comian de su mano.

La Gorda, Maria Elena, died of egomania saying she was the nagual woman, that everyone ate from her hand.

Aqui es el epicentro! Mexico! (La Cd. de Mexico)

Here is the epicenter! Mexico! (Mexico City)

Una bruja en Mexico lo ayudo! Un dia sera libre, pero ese dia le sera dada! Le falta poco tiempo porque algo le sera dado Otros linajes? debe haber, esa sea, debe ser

A female sorcerer in Mexico City helped him [CC]! Some day she will be free, but that day she'll be given. [?] There is little time left, because something will be given to her... Other lineages? There must be, that is, there should be.

Como se convoca el intento? Llamalo intento, intento, intento!!

How do you call intent? Call it. Intent, intent, intent!!

La idea del suplicante no existe, los brujos no piden, no suplican, ordenan!!!! pero ordenan como un pedido quedito!

Not with the attitude of a supplicant--sorcerers don't plead, don't entreat, they command!!!! But a command like a gentle request!

Nosotros usamos el intento sin darnos cuenta. Si sabemos usar el intento, por que no usarlo de una manera total

We use intent without realizing it. If we know how to use intent, then why not use it totally?

Pensar antes de hablar! en 2 horas la mente la deja

Think before talking! In 2 hours the mind will stop

El brujo puede pensar sin intelecto

A sorcerer can think without the intellect.

Nada de lo que dice se pierde, se esta refiriendo al cuerpo energetico de uno! Nothing of what is said is lost; referring to one's energetic body!

En Los Angeles se hicieron seminarios y salieron 40 personas y se ven lindisimas, el seminario en agosto, redujeron su peso, es la tensigridad!

They did seminars in Los Angeles and 40 people showed up [or came out] and they were very beautiful, the seminar in August; they lost weight, it's Tensegrity!

El valle de Mexico es un epicentro, que es como una campana, todo puede suceder aqui!!!

The valley of Mexico [Mexico City valley] is an epicenter, like a bell, everything [anything] can happen here!!!

pa' que esta alharaca del yo yo yo del brujo?

Why this fuss from sorcerers about the I, I, I?

El orden social no toma en cuenta la supervivencia del hombre

The social order does not take into account the survivorship of man.

Los murcielagos estan evolucionando Bats are evolving.

Disonancia cognitiva es el arte de parar el mundo por un instante

Cognitive dissonance is the art of stopping the world for an instant.

Los suenhos lucidos son yo (la mente) si son ello puede ser serio Lucid dreams are about I (the mind); if they are about IT, they can be serious.

Uno adquiere un increible respeto por lo infinito..., por lo inaudito

One acquires an incredible respect for the infinite . . ., for the unknown.

El molde del hombre es el Dios que nosotros conocemos

The mold of man is the God we know.

Nuestra soberbia (los voladores) nos incita a eso.... creer en Dios

Our arrogance [pride] (the flyers) incites us to this . . belief in God

El escrutinio tiene que ser amplio y despiadado

Our scrutiny [self-examination] has to be widespread and pitiless

Solo el hombre esta como si estuviera cortado por un cuchillo, no se por que?

Only man is trimmed as if cut with a knife, who knows why?

Parece que van a hacer el seminario para mujeres aqui. quiza el proximo mes!

It looks like we may have the seminar for women here. Perhaps next month!

DJ cree que es el unico Ser que es victimizado.

DJ thinks he/she is the only Being that is victimized.

Los voladores saben que lo primero que deben atacar, es a la mujer, tienen el poder, tienen otro cerebro.

The flyers know that their first one they must attack is the woman; she has the power; has another brain.

DOMINGO 28 DE ENERO DE 1996 - 9:00 am

SUNDAY JANUARY 28, 1996 - 9:00 am

En un dia la diferencia ya es marcada con los movimientos de tensigridad.

[CC says:] After one day the difference with Tensegrity movements is noticeable.

DJ era tan simple que me asustaba

DJ was so simple that it scared me.

Nuestras ideas hay que sostenerlas, el unico modo de mantenerlas es enojarse.

Our ideas have to be upheld; and the only way to maintain them is to get angry.

El brujo dice nadie quiere se libre.

Sorcerers day no one wants to be free.

Si sigo con este camino mis hijos se van a quedar sin nada... pero que tienen ahora?

If I continue down this road my children are going to wind up without anything . . . but what do they have right now!

El brujo dice nadie quiere se libre.

Sorcerers say no one wants to be free.

El asunto es desviar la confrontacion.... Vivimos de ideologia, la ideologia del yo, nos referimos a una idea de uno mismo Nosotros intrinsicamente no somos asi!!!

The point is to ward off the confrontation . . . We live off of ideology, the ideology of "I," we refer to an idea of ourselves. We are intrinsically not that way!!!

Los voladores nos han impuesto esta idea, pero no podemos darnos cuenta porque no tenemos energia.

The flyers have placed that idea in us, but we can't see it [realize it] because we don't have the energy.

Los brujos son tremendamente simples y directos

Sorcerers are tremendously [frightfully] simple and direct.

Quiere hacer lo mismo que DJ pero en masa, CC dice que no puede hacerlo de 1 a 1.

He wants to do the same thing DJ did, but in mass, CC says. He can't do it 1 to 1.

CC dice alguien va a descubrir la maniobra de los voladores, va a llegar el momento en que esos centros estaran repletos

CC says somebody is going to uncover the maneuver of the flyers; going to arrive at the moment in which these centers are full [loaded, replete].

DJ dice que no tenemos los pies en la tierra Tenemos los pies en idealidades, tenemos miedo, a la disciplina, ni siquiera es nuestro. La mente es la que hace que nos de miedo

DJ says we don't have our feet on the ground; we have our feet on idealities; we are afraid, of discipline, even if it is our own. The mind is what makes us fear.

La mente dice: pero esto no es cientifico, es una estupidez! Si! Tienes que desenganchar la mente! trata! haz esfuerzo!

The mind says: but this is not scientific; it's stupid! Yes! You have to unhook [disengage] the mind! Try it! Make the effort!

!o.- fijarme en lo que estaba diciendo, antes de hablar, piensa tu mente se va a cansar

Or! Take a look at what I'm saying, before I speak. Think, your mind will get tired.

Lo horrible es que tienes que leer libros escritos por volares The worst thing is that you have to read books written by the flyers.

Que pasa cuando se desengancha la mente? no cavilaciones, pensamientos directos

What happens when the mind is disengaged? No fretting [brooding], direct thoughts

No se puede cogitar, se cogita pero se cogita mal No hay pensamiento especulativo, no hay el "que pasaria si...." La mente se convierte en algo tremendamente funcional

One cannot cogitate; cogitating but cogitating poorly No speculative thinking, no "what if . . ." The mind gets converted into something tremendously functional.

Los voladores nos dieron la mente!

The flyers gave us the mind!

Yo creia que la mente eran las experiencias de mi vida, pero DJ me dijo que no Hay un substrato que es el yo, que adquirio todas esas experiencias...

I believed that the mind was my life experiences, but DJ told me no. There is a substrate that is the I, which acquired all those experiences . . .

DJ me invita a esta pelea incesante Esta lucha lo deja a uno nuevo, el oponente vale la pena! si se descuida uno, se lo comen hasta los talones!

DJ invites me to this incessant battle This struggle leaves one new; the opponent is worth the trouble! If one is careless, he gets eaten down to the heels!

Uno es mas sobrio, porque le quita el enojarse con todo el mundo

One becomes more sober, because anger at the world is cleared away.

A los voladores no hay manera de vencerlos! que puede hacer un pollo audaz? se escapa! se sale del gallinero!

There's no way to defeat (conquer) the flyers! What can an audacious chicken do? Escape! Flee the coop!

No tengo nada extraordinario, no tengo nada especial, ya busque en el cuerpo energetico

I am not extraordinary, I have nothing special, I have searched in the energy body

Las ideas ya las puedo manejar con el dedo chiquito DJ dice que nuestros allegados caen con la adulacion Lo que me interesa es la libertad?

Ideas I can now handle with the little finger DJ says that our assertions [declarations?] fall with flattery What interests me is freedom.

Como parar la mente? A patadas!!!

How to stop the mind? Kicking it!!!

DJ decia: para parar a la mente de segundo a segundo.... primero un segundo, otro segundo, 2 segundos, 3 segundos, 4.... 8 segundos... hasta que sucede por acumulacion que tiempo se necesita para que se caiga la mente? No se puede saber! Es una tarea dificilisima pero digna

DJ said: to stop the mind second by second . . . first one second, another second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 . . . 8 seconds until it happens by accumulation How long does it take for the mind to fall? That's something that can't be known! It is a difficult task, but worthy.

no prepare lo que iba a decir, yo no estoy pensando, yo no estoy cogitando, yo les estoy hablando desde ese silencio desde hace 35 anhos

I did not prepare what I am going to say. I am not thinking, I am not cogitating, I am speaking to you from 35 years of silence.

(Varias personas asistentes en la reunion del sabado, hicieron preguntas muy largas y rebuscadas, CC les dijo que esas preguntas eran hechas directamente por voladores, una persona se enojo mucho porque no le respondio su extensa pregunta... mmmm... entendimos mejor de lo que hablaba CC)

(Various people attending the Saturday session asked long and affected [unnatural] questions, and CC said these questions were made directly by the flyers. One person got angry because he did not respond to his extensive question ... mmmm . . . we understood better what CC had been talking about)

Yo le hacia preguntas a DJ como de media hora, te estas haciendo aleman! el verbo al final!

I used to ask DJ questions that were an hour long, you are becoming German! the verb at the end!

DJ era un experto en la disonancia cognitiva

DJ was an expert in cognitive dissonance.

DJ una vez me envio con Florinda Donner a que me ensenhara sobre disonancia cognitiva: Florinda me dice: esta bien, el lunes a las 7, vienes y me coges (estaban en jueves) que!!! me volvi loco pensando, dandole vueltas al asunto, como yo iba a hacer eso....... y pasaban los dias y cada dia era peor....... hasta que llego el lunes... pues me cambie, fui, abrio la puerta y... me desmaye!!! desde ahi me conocieron como el "cumplidor" Florinda Donner le decia: dejate de disonancias y ven a cogerme! yo no tengo chile, esas son pendejadas de los hombres!

DJ once sent me to Florinda Donner [Error! to Florinda _Matus] for her to teach me about cognitive dissonance: Florinda says to me: O.K., Monday at 7:00, come over and fuck me. (this was on Thursday) What!!! I went crazy thinking, turning it over in my mind, how was I going to do this . . . . and the days went by, each one worse . . . . until Monday arrived . . I dress, went over, opened the door and . . . fainted!!! From then on I was known as the "promise-keeper." Big Florinda said: "drop the strife and come fuck me!" I don't have a "chile pepper," these are the pubic ornaments of MEN!

DJ tuvo tiempo de ensenhar, por anhos y anhos, nosotros no!! El nunca tuvo la posibilidad de una masa, si llegamos a ese acuerdo el impulso valdria 30 anhos!!

DJ had time to teach, for years and years; we don't!! He never had the possibility of a mass of people; if we can reach that accord, the impulse [the push of it] would be worth 30 years!!

Aprender de 1 a 1, necesitan sudar tinta, porque tienen la masa pueden aprender mas rapido!!

To learn one on one, you have to sweat bullets [ink], but since you have mass, you can learn much more rapidly!!

Desde que se empiezan a dar los seminarios, cosa bestial!, en segundos...

From when they first started giving seminars, how wild!, in seconds . . .

Another note: When it said "How do you stop the mind?" I wrote "Kicking it," for "a patadas." "Stomping it out" is the American phrase closer to the Spanish one.

DJ me dijo: tu cuerpo energetico esta en Japon! Tarda anhos juntar el cuerpo energetico!

DJ told me: your energetic body is in Japan! It takes years to unite the energy body.

El final se acerca, tenemos poco tiempo! tengo que esperar para hacer algo... que es? no se!

The final act draws close, we have little time! I have to wait to do something . . . what is it? I don't know!

Es increible en los seminarios he visto que hay gente que puede atraer su cuerpo energetico con solo insinuacion! He visto talento! no se lo que puedo hacer con todo lo que he visto!

It's incredible; I have seen persons in the seminars who can attract their energy bodies from just a suggestion! I have seen talent! I don't know what to do what all I've seen!

El impulso es de la masa!!!! Lo que si puedo decirles, es que aprenden mas rapido! por que? por la masa!

The impetus is from the mass!!!! What I can tell you is that the learning is faster! Why! Because of the mass!

Lo que queremos es la libertad!

What we want is freedom!

-Alguien pregunta sobre las personas de 4 puntos... No vale un pito ser doble!

Someone asks about the 4-compartment person . . . Not worth a tinker's dam!

Nuestra energia esta baja

Our energy is low.

Los gurus te permiten algo o no te permiten Gurus allow you something or don't allow it.

yo le preguntaba a DJ que si donde estaban los voladores DJ decia que la mayoria estan en Argentina :-) (broma)

I asked DJ where the flyers are  DJ said most of them are in Argentina (joke)

Los voladores era informacion super secreta de los brujos, pero la foto de un volador, tomada por alguien fuera del grupo, sirvio como un augurio... desde ese momento empece a decir de ellos! Los voladores nos quitan la conciencia del ser!

The flyers were a top secret piece of knowledge of the sorcerers, but the photo of a flyer, taken by someone outside the group, served as an augury [omen] . . . From that moment, I began to talk about them! The flyers take away our awareness!

Carol Tiggs en otro seminario hablo de otro mundo (uno de esos 600), llegar a ese mundo, es algo que nos privaron los voladores! pero si nomas tenemos conciencia del ser en el espacio entre los dedos gordos, por eso solo hablamos del yo! entre mas egomaniacos somos, mas comida para los voladores!

Carol Tiggs in one of the other seminars spoke of another world (one of the 600); getting to that world is something of which the flyers deprive us! But if we just have awareness between our big toes, that's why we talk only about "I." The more egomaniacal we are, the more food for the flyers!

Si llegamos a ese acuerdo, podemos llegar a una masa de luminosidad!

If we reach an accord, we can become a luminous mass.

el intento es una fuerza, no es percepcion, nosotros somos intento!! ya somos magos del intento!! por que no somos magos totales?

Intent is a force, not a perception; we are intent!! We are wizards of intent! Why not be total wizards?

La tensigridad es una llave!

Tensegrity is the key!

Un anho sali a buscar gurus y no encontre nada!!

One year I went around looking for gurus and didn't find a one!!

(varias personas hicieron preguntas sobre ensonhar, acecho... CC dijo que para hacer eso primero hay que ganar energia! como? practicando los ejercicios de tensigridad!) Ahorita dedicate a la tensigridad, vamos a llegar a otras cosas pero de una manera no intelectual (no hacer) primero hay que tonificar ese cuerpo!

(various people asked questions about dreaming, stalking . . . CC said first one had to gain energy! how? practicing the  exercises of Tensegrity!) Right now, dedicate yourselves to Tensegrity, later we will arrive at other things but in a non-intellectual manner. First the body needs toning (tuning)!

Deja los libros de CC de ladito!

Put the CC books aside!

La tensigridad no la hagas en el viento! Hay vientos que no son viento! No todas las corrientes de aire son viento! algunas son entidades! La tierra es un ser viviente

Don't do Tensegrity in the wind! There are winds that are not wind. Not all currents of air are winds! Some are entities! Earth is a living being.

(alguien pregunta por los aliados) por el momento no vamos a hablar de aliados y cosas asi!

(someone asks about the allies) For now we're not going to talk of allies and things like that!

Los voladores andan por el suelo Se instalan en la mente entre los 10 y 12 anhos.... a veces mas... a veces menos (alguien pregunta como cuidar a los hijos de los voladores) no se pueden cuidar... pero si el padre se cuida, los hijos siempre aprenden del ejemplo

Flyers walk along the ground. They are installed in the mind between 10 and 12 years of age. . . sometimes later . . . sometimes earlier . . . (someone asks how to protect their children from the flyers) you can't protect them . . . but if the father protects himself, the children will always learn by example.

(alguien pregunta por las curaciones) DJ no estaba interesado en curar, decia que es inutil borrar los sintomas de la enfermedad, lo que le interesaba era saltar de carril, era cambiar de cuerpo, a uno que no uso, pues estaba mas joven. como saltar de carril? con energia y proposito! DJ habia saltado 11 veces minimo. al nagual Julian le dio tuberculosis por libertino, siempre estaba al borde de la muerte, pero cambiaba de cuerpo

(someone asks about curing) DJ wasn't interested in curing. He said that it is useless to take away the symptoms of an illness. What interested him was to jump tracks, to change the body, to one not used; since he became younger. How to jump tracks? With energy and purpose! DJ had jumped at least 11 times. The nagual Julian got tuberculosis from his libertinism, was always at death's  door, but he changed bodies.

(alguien pregunta por las curaciones de Panchita, la bruja) les hacia cambiar de nivel

(someone asks about the cures of Panchita, the bruja) She makes them change levels.

No puedes dar energia! lo que das es el intento! You cannot give energy! What you can give is the intent!

El cuerpo energetico es el doble

The energy body is the double.

Los brujos son seres super pragmaticos! Asi que para los brujos, espacio y tiempo se convierten en entidades concretas! que los brujos tienen que conocer si se van a mover en espacios....

Sorcerers are super pragmatic beings! So for sorcerers, space and time are converted into concrete entities! They have to know if they are going to change spaces [?] . . .

Nacho Coronado, creador de mascaras... era un genio para hacer mascaras, pero tenia miedo de triunfar y por eso no busco triunfar, aunque el decia que queria triunfar! DJ decia: que tristeza que no puedas ser libre, aunque le importe un pepino la demas gente

Nacho Coronado, mask-maker . . . was a genius in making masks, but he was afraid to succeed, and so he did not look for success, although he said he wanted to succeed! DJ said: How sad that he cannot be free, although he doesn't give a  fig about other people.

(pregunta sobre el amor) Nosotros somos inversionistas... te quiero porque me quieres

(question about love) We are investors. . . I love you because you love me.

mamfifas = masturbaciones, mamfifotas

Notes taken by J. Garcia: Sonora, Mexico
Translation to English by Bill Parsons.