1. Redeploying Energy To The Center Of Sustained Action

Assume horse stance. Left hand held with index finger pointed, thumb locked, other fingers bent at second joint, arms down at sides. Bring left arm straight out in front, then straight up with index finger pointed at zenith. Do not pause, but continue moving left arm straight behind you and down in a circle, keeping arm straight. The movement of the left arm ends with the placing of the back of the left hand over the area of the right kidney [index finger remains pointed]. Inhale as you move the left arm, and look 90 degrees to the left, but do not look up to follow the course of the left hand.

Continue with the first inhalation as you bring the right hand across the front of the chest to the left front, then sweep the right arm horizontally to the right [fingers curled slightly, palm facing to the right, and thumb down]. As you bring the right hand around behind the right side of the body, a fist is made and is placed over the area of the left kidney, the right wrist lying on top of the left wrist. Follow the course of the right wrist with the eyes so that when the arm has finished its movement, the head is turned 90 degrees to the right. Exhale, as you slowly turn the head back to the front. Squat down as low as you can, inhaling, and making an effort to raise the arms slightly higher on the back. Say the arming word: PRECISION.

Begin to exhale as you slowly bring the right fist back horizontally around to the front [arm straight] and place it over the solar plexus. Follow the fist with the eyes. Continue exhaling as you turn the head to the left and watch the left hand as you bring it back in a vertical circle to the front and place it over the right wrist on the solar plexus. Inhale as you slowly rise up raising the crossed arms in front until the arms are raised above the head, about a foot in front of the body. Stretch up for a moment, then with a snap, uncross wrists, open hands, palms facing forwards. Exhale as you lower the hands all the way down in front of the body. Inhale sharply as you make a quick circular movement with the arms, the arms crossing in front of you at the level of the pubis, as you bring the right arm over to the left and up, while simultaneously bringing the left arm over to the right and up.

The movement stops with a jerk as the hands again cross in front of the body at about hip level. Now exhale as you make a large circle with the arms, this time going in the opposite direction, stopping with a jerk at hip level, hands slightly crosses at the wrist. Bring hands up to chest level, palms facing forward, forearms parallel to floor, thumbs nearly touching. Inhale as you make a large circle with the hands [forward and down to hip level, then back up to near shoulder level] which are now palms down. Arms are relaxed as you bring them forward and down, then tense them as you draw them in. Separate the little fingers from the rest of the hand in a V, and exhale while lowering the hands until the arms are straight, keeping palms facing the floor.

2. Crossing The Central Boundary Of The Body

Stand in horse stance, hold arms out to sides, palms up, elbows slightly bent, hands with fingers curled and spread slightly [claw-like]. Roll hands forward and back 5 times as if moving hands around the surface of a bowling ball. The arms remain out to the sides; only the hands and forearms move. This rolling movement is like a slap or strike, stopping with a jerk on each roll. Bring elbows in to the sides of the body, so that hands are now about 2 feet apart. Without stopping the rhythm, continue with the rolls, another 5 times. Next, without stopping, bring hands even closer together in front of the chest, so that they are now about one foot apart. Do 5 more rolls. With a jerk, place hands, palms facing body, about one foot in front of the solar plexus.

With another jerking motion, apply hands to solar plexus area [hands still in claws], then rip out to sides with claws, so that hands are now separated by about 6 inches. With a jerk, turn palms to face front, fingers up, hands close together, and bent back 90 degrees to the wrists. With another jerk, turn palms up, at chest level; slowly raise hands up to eye level, as if lifting something. Pause. Cross the arms in front of the face, with the right elbow directly on top of the left. Look out over the crossed elbows. The arms are parallel to the ground. The hands are in claws slightly in front of the ears.

The palms face front, thumbs down. Rotate hands with jerking motions rapidly to the front and back, without moving the arms, 10 times, ending with claws facing front. With a single quick motion, rip out sideways in front of the face with hands, bringing the left hand to the left and the right hand to the right; hands should now be about one foot apart. Bring clawed hands up, back and down behind in a circle with the arms straight. As you bring the hands to the front at the sides, bend the knees slightly; pause with hands almost together at waist level, palms up. Raise hands up slowly still with upturned palms, till hands are above head level. Pause and say the word: ENERGY.

With a jerk, turn palms down, then bring hands forcefully to stomach. Place thumbs on lower ribs, other fingers dig up under the ribs [left hand in splenic area and right hand in liver area]. Squeeze 3 times. Bend forward slightly at waist and squeeze the stomach as you raise the left knee with a quick movement, pointing the toes downward. Alternate lifts with each knee, 10 times each side. Straighten up slightly between each knee lift. Look straight ahead intently while performing this action. Stand straight, squeeze stomach; inhale and fling arms down in front of you while exhaling sharply. Flick fingers at the end of the motion as if flicking water off your hands. Palms face backwards at finish. Bring hands up touching the chest lightly to neck level, inhaling, then fling hands down exhaling. Bring hands up a third time, this time above head, and fling down.

3. Bringing Energy From The Sides And Top To The Liver And Pancreas

Feet together, move left foot out to side to shoulder width apart. Start with hands at sides of waist, palms down. In one quick horizontal motion, bring hands straight forward [approx. 1 foot], then out to sides and slightly behind, then stop with a jerk, palms up, hands on either side of body at waist level. The elbows are back. Make pawing movements with the feet, using the entire leg from the hip, beginning with the left leg, and alternating 5 times each side. These pawing motions should be towards the rear; think of a horse pawing the ground.

Stomp on the ground 10 times with each foot; lightly and very fast, alternating feet [think of a child having a tantrum]. Make a large sweeping horizontal circular movement with the left arm, palm down, out in front and to the right, then back to the left in front of the chest, and then out to the left side of the body, where the palm is quickly snapped facing up and the hand is paused at waist level with a jerk. The hand should be overlying the area of the spleen with palm up, elbow back, forearm in against side of body. Repeat same maneuver with right arm; right hand will end up over liver area.

Rub vigorously with the inner edges of the two hands, the areas of the spleen and liver for a count of ten. Paw and stamp as above. Raise left hand straight up on the left side of the body, fluttering the fingers while rotating the hand back and forth rapidly. When arm is straight up, turn hand with a jerk to face out and back. Pause. Now bring left hand to the left back, down, and end up with the left hand again lying on the left stomach in the area of the spleen. Repeat on the right side. Paw and stomp. Bring hands together in praying position at chest level; raise them up slowly in front of you until arms are straight. Say the words: PUT IT BACK. Release hands and let them gently fall down to sides.

4. The Five-Point Connection

Feet together; step left into basic horse stance. Bring left arm up until upper arm is parallel to floor, forearm and hand are vertical, palm facing forward, arm out to left front of body. The fingers are straight and the thumb is tucked in. Make three windshield-wiping motions with the left forearm and hand [do not move the upper arm], first to the right, then left, then right [think of the movie Karate Kid with its wipe-on-wipe-off routine]. Keeping left arm raised, place right foot back about 6 inches and facing 90 degrees to the right. Now pivot to the right 180 degrees on the toes of the feet, so you are now facing the opposite way, and your right foot is ahead of the left foot, by several inches, both feet pointed to the front and parallel, about 12 inches apart.

Again do 3 windshield-wiper motions with left arm [right, left, right]. Drop left arm to outside of left thigh, hand resting on leg, palm up. As you drop the left arm, bring the right arm straight out to the right side, then up in an arc and slap the right hand palm down on the left palm, which is lying on the outside of the left thigh. Run the two hands together down the outside of the left leg to the point just below the left ankle bone. You will have to stoop to do this, but don't bend knees too much. Rub this area with the back of the fingertips of the left hand for a count of ten. Stand up and drop left arm to the side. Do windshield with right arm [left, right, left] 3 times. With right arm still upraised, place left foot behind, pivot 180 degrees back to original direction. Left foot will now be ahead of the right. Do repeat windshield with right hand 3 times.

Bring right hand down, palm up on outside of right thigh and slap left palm down over the right. Bend down running the hands down the outside of the right leg to the outside of the ankle and rub just beneath the bone for count of 10. Straighten up inhaling, with hands together, pause at solar plexus, continue to inhale as you bring the arms straight up overhead, hands still together, fingers straight, pause for a second when arms directly overhead. Cease inhaling at this point, but do not exhale yet. Still holding breath, lower hands, fingertips down, behind the head to the back of the neck. Place knuckles of thumbs over areas of 3rd and 4th cervical vertebrae [this will be several inches above the large bony protrusion at the base of the neck].

Keeping the hands together, rub neck for count of ten, while exhaling. Inhale while bringing hands [still together] back over top of head [arms straight], pause for a second when arms straight up, fingers pointed at sky, then [holding breath], lower hands, palms together, right hand on top, down the top of the left leg to a certain point on the top of the left shin. This point is approximately halfway between the knee and the ankle, slightly to the outside [ to find this point it helps to flex the foot; the point will be in a small indentation between the muscles on the top of the lower leg, and it may be tender]. Raise the toes on the left foot, exhale and rub for a count of 10. Inhale, bringing hands up in front of body, pause at solar plexus, then continue as described above, bringing hands straight overhead and then down to rub back of neck. Inhale, bringing hands up overhead [as previously described], now hold breath and run hands down front of right leg [see above].

Inhale, bring hands up, lower to back of neck; this time separate hands, keeping only the fingertips touching, and rub the area just beneath the base of the skull with the knuckles. Inhale, bring arms up, and now run hands [back of left hand against body] down inside of left leg to point just below inside of left ankle bone. Rub for count of 10 while exhaling. Do same sequence on right leg. Inhale, hands still together; as you stand up straight, move right leg back so it is parallel to the left foot. Raise hands up over the head once more and pause. Say the word: JOIN. Release palm contact, palms now turned to face forward, exhale and let hands slowly fall in front of body.

5. The Ground Being

Stand in basic stance; bring arms together in front of the body, and without pausing, make a quick motion with both arms as if spreading out a large piece of paper on a table. The forearms cross, in front of the chest, then the right arm goes out to the right horizontally, and the left arm to the left horizontally; both arms stop with a jerk. Form hands into beaks by bringing all 5 fingers of each hand together to a point; the hands face forward, with elbows down and close to the body. The hands are about 2 ½ feet apart at chest level. Make three tiny inward circles with the beaked hands, rotating only the hands at the wrists. With each circle, move the hands closer together, until at the end of the 3rd circle, the hands are close together at chest level, beaks together, fingers facing forward [like a praying mantis].

This beak [or claw] position of the hands will be maintained during the entire pass. Strike out forward with the left hand, rotating the hand 90 degrees, so that the tip of the beak points to the right at the end of the jab-like movement. Now jab with the right hand, left, right, left, right, very fast; the hands move only about one foot forward during the strike. On the first strike with the left hand, say the word, STRENGTH. Next, strike upwards several inches with the backs of the hands beginning with the left and alternating [do 3 strikes with each hand]. On the first upward strike with the left hand, say: STRENGTH. Return to the mantis position, with beaks pointing forward. Bend forward slightly, lower left forearm, keeping upper arm against the left chest.

Inhale as you raise left forearm [again, keeping left upper arm tight against chest], bending back and head; exhale as you lower the arm; repeat with right arm. Bring left foot forward about 6 inches, then scrape it backwards, as in a horse pawing the ground.[keep weight on right leg]. Repeat on right. Bring hands close together in front of right side of body at chest level. Place left foot at 45 degrees to the left of center and the right foot 45 degrees to the right of center [feet are now at 90 degrees to each other]. Take a step in the direction that the left foot is pointing, then step with the right foot, placing it behind the left foot [still 90 degrees apart]. As you step with the left foot, bring both hands out to the right, down and to the left across the front of the body, making a small circle; end the circle with hands close together at right front of body.

As you take this first step, say the word: STRENGTH. Take two more steps in this direction and each time make the circle with the hands. You will have ended up the third step with the left foot in front of the right, in a direction that was 45 degrees to the original direction you were facing when you began the pass. Bring the right foot out in front of the left, and place it 90 degrees to the orientation of the left foot [i.e. facing 45 degrees to the right from your original position]. Bring hands over to the left side in front of the body, and repeat the same three steps and hand circles, leading with the right foot, and making the circles go from left to right. Next, place left foot back, pivot 180 degrees, bring feet parallel and shoulder width apart. Jump forward on both feet, saying the word, STRENGTH.

As you jump, hold the hands up in front of chest, beaks pointed forward. After the jump, make 10 very fast scratching motions [alternating hands] with the beaks, out in front of you at face height. Repeat the jump, the word STRENGTH, and the scratching two more times. Finish the above movements with beaks facing forward at eye level elbows down; place upper lip and teeth over lower lip, smile; maintain this grimace throughout the remainder of the pass. Make 3 tiny circles with the beaks as you raise the hands up in front of you. The circles have been described as outward. Each time you do this little maneuver, you make 'little ground animal noises' [like barks or chirps].

Hands are now up above head. Continuing to hold arms up straight, bend the body to the left at the waist, then bend to the right, then back to the left; pause; close eyes; make two large circular scratching movements to the left with the hands. The left hand will move first, then the right; repeat scratches twice more, then open eyes. These movements are done quickly, each set of two scratches takes about 1 second to do. On the first set of scratches only, say the word, STRENGTH. Stand up, hands at chest level, elbows down; make the 3 circles up while chirping [or barking].

This time, bend to the right first, then left, right, left ; close eyes and do the 3 scratching circles, this time from left to right; the right hand leads; do it 3 times with each hand, saying STRENGTH only on the first pair of scratches. Open eyes. Make upward circles and chirp. Bend knees, lean forward slightly at waist and make 3 large forward, down, and back, circles with the arms outstretched as you go forward and down [as if you were using your forelegs to help you jump across a field quickly]. Say the word, STRENGTH only on the first jump. Don't move knees or trunk when doing the movement. Straighten up and do upward circles and chirps. Release beaks and facial grimace, and let hands fall slowly to sides.

6. The Sky Being

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart; step forward on left foot as you make three brushing movements with the hands. The hands brush up the front of the body from the waist to the neck level; the hands then flick out forward and down, without pausing. Take another step, this time with the right foot, and repeat the brushings. You are now standing with the right foot ahead of the left, feet still shoulder-width apart. Place straightened arms behind you at hip level, palms facing each other and nearly touching. Make 3 butterfly strokes, saying the word SPEED, at the end of the first upstroke.

Stretch out arms to sides; make 3 small circles in a forward direction with the outstretched arms. Take a small step forward with the left foot, placing it slightly forward relative to the right foot; then take a small step forward with the right foot to bring the feet parallel. Make 10 small circles with outstretched arms [arms will remain outstretched at sides until the last step of the pass]. Turn upper body sharply to the left 90 degrees; look into infinity. Turn sharply 180 degrees to face the right[again, upper body only]; stare. Turn to face front, stare [these looks are held for count of 3]. Make 3 circles with arms [as above] and say SPEED. Turn upper body quickly to left, and rub chin on chest, rolling it to the left shoulder; roll the chin 3 times. Turn to right, roll chin; turn to front and roll chin straight down on chest.

Repeat 3 small arm circles saying SPEED. Turn to left, look down with left eye closing the right eye [again holding for count of 3]. Turn to right, look down with right eye; turn to center and look down with both eyes. 3 arm circles, and say SPEED. Place arms behind body in butterfly attitude, palms close together; bend over slightly at waist, and take 3 small careful steps, placing the left foot directly in front of the left, then right foot in front, and end with the left foot in front. Slowly straighten up bringing the hands down to sides.

7. Recalling Dispersed Energy With The Feet And Hands

Feet together, turn toes out, then heels out slightly; end up with feet approximately shoulder-width apart. Turn knees out; bend slightly. Shift weight to the left leg, leaning to the left, torso upright; then shift weight to right leg, slowly and keeping in balance. Shift 3 times to each side. Now stand with weight evenly distributed on both legs, arms down at sides. Bring left arm out to left side and around in front near the middle of the body at chest level, hand about 1 ½ feet in front of the body; make a fist with the left hand as if grabbing something [thumb is up]; The fist should have a lot of tension as you make the grab. Drop the left hand as you grab with the right hand the same way. Make 3 grabs with each hand in quick succession.

Arms at sides again; bend forward slightly at waist as you raise the left knee as high as possible in a quick motion; use the stomach muscles to help. As you raise the left knee, the right forearm and hand come up vertically on the right side of the body, the right palm facing left; the right hand stops with a jerk when the right forearm is vertical [as you perform this maneuver keep head erect, staring straight ahead]. Perform above motion on opposite side; repeat each side twice more rapidly. Repeat the grabbing motions with the fists, 3 times on each side; however, something new is added now; after you make the grab, hold the arm steady while making six circles with the hand very rapidly [the circles are toward the body, out to the left side, to the front, etc.]. The arm does not move while the hand makes the circles. At the end of the 6th circle, throw the fist forward about 12 inches, as if throwing a lasso; then stop with a jerk.

Do this maneuver 6 times, 3 times with each hand, alternating left and right. On the 1st and 3rd throwing movements with the left and right hands, say the word, BREAK [don't say it on the 2nd set]. Now, repeat the knee and arm raising movements, starting with the left knee and right arm; now, with the left knee and right arm raised, perform the grabbing, the circles, and the throwing movements with the left hand. Repeat on opposite side; then do twice more on each side. On the 1st and 3rd throws with both hands, say BREAK. Arms down at sides, feet in horse stance; bring the arms up and out at chest level and out in front about one foot in front of the chest, stopping with a jerk, grabbing the air with the fists with tension. Hold the fists out in front, elbows out [as if putting your arms around a one-foot diameter tree]. Hold the fists out in front with arms making the circle as you put your weight on the right leg and make small inward circles [six] with the left foot, keeping the feet parallel, toes facing front, soles scraping the floor. Say the word, PULVERIZE, on the first circle.

Keeping the arms in the same position, repeat the circles with the right foot, saying PULVERIZE on the first circle. Lower arms; then bring hands up around the imaginary tree again and grab air with the fists. Make six circles again with each foot, this time outward circles; say Pulverize as above. Lower arms; feet together; bring arms behind, out and up over head, then down in front, all in one smooth rapid movement, stopping with a jerk with the hands at waist level, arms straight, out in front of the body, thumbs to the inside, separated from the other fingers which to the outside [as if placing hands on two rails at waist level running parallel to each other on either side of the body, front to back, the thumbs on the inner sides of the rails]. Holding the arms on the 'rails', place the left foot in front of the right foot at the right instep, so that the feet are facing 90 degrees apart, the left foot facing 45 degrees to the left of straight ahead and the right foot facing 45 degrees to the right of straight ahead.

As you take this first step, say the word, BRAID. Take another step with the right foot, placing it at 45 degrees to the left foot in the left instep, then two more steps with each foot; pause; now swing the left foot behind the right and take 3 backward steps with each foot, beginning with the left foot, toes out and heels in, just as in the forward steps. At the end, pause; repeat twice more, ending with the right foot behind the right. Now, swing the right foot forward in front of the right, and repeat the sequence, leading with the right foot [ do not repeat the word BRAID]. At the end of the sequence, lower arms to sides. Bring arms up again, then down again to fit hands over imaginary rails, but this time the rails are much closer to the body with the hands near the hips.

Hold hands in this position throughout the next maneuver; starting with the left leg, take three steps forward; these steps are very exaggerated, with the knee raised high and brought in across the midline, then out to the side, before placing the foot down; at the end of the third step with the right foot, swing the left foot behind and place the toe down, then the heel; do the same with the right foot; then twice more with each foot; repeat the whole sequence twice more; then do the whole thing leading with the right foot. Only on the first step with the left foot, say the word WEAVE.

Arms down at the end. Feet together; raise left arm above head; bring it palm down in an arc from the upper left to the lower right; then without stopping the swing, bring the arm up to the right and swing it palm down to the left, then once more up on the left and swing palm down to the right. As the left hand swings down to the right on the third pass, the right arm is raised, and it is swung down to the left, palm down as the left arm is returned to the left side. Repeat each side two times. The first times that each arm is swung downward, say the word, MIX. The movement is like a series of figure eights on their sides. Place forearms together in front of the body, bend down and scoop hands down to the floor; then bring arms [forearms parallel to floor] up and over and behind the head, 'dumping' arms over the back, and say the word, POUR. Slowly lower the arms down in front.

Additional notes:

1.) Lean left/Rt., Left/Rt., Left/Rt., Left/Rt.
2.) Grab front (fists perpendicular to the floor) Left/Rt. 3X
3.) Bring left knee up, toe (pointed down) Rt. hand up together (palm flat and facing in toward the body). Alternate knee/arm up 3X each side
4.) Grab front starting w/left, circle wrist 5X and strike forward on 6th count. Alternate Left/Rt. 3X each side
5.) Left knee/Rt. hand up (as in #3), grab front w/left hand circle left wrist 5X and strike front on 6th count (as in #4 above). Alternate Left/Rt. 3X each side
6.) Grab both fists in front (simultaneously) fists perpendicular to floor.
Circle left foot inward (clockwise) 6X.
Circle right foot inward (counter-clockwise) 6X.
Lower hands, then grab forward w/both fists again.
Circle left foot outward (counter-clockwise) 6X.
Circle rithg foot outward (clockwist) 6X.
a) Sweep hands down back, around, up above shoulders and back down in front. Grab two imaginary rails parallel to the body, hands extended in front, about hip height, and slightly more than shoulder width apart.
b) Braided step forward Left/right/left Braided step back Left/right/left Repeat 3X total
Bring Rt. foot behind right
Braided step forward Right/left/right
Braided step back Right/left/right
Repeat 3X total
Bring hands down to sides
c.) Repeat rail grabbing motion but close to body, hands right beside the hips.
d.) Tango step forward Left/right/left
Toe-heel step back Left/right/left
Repeat 3X total
Bring Rt.foot behind left
Tango step forward Right/left/right
Tango step back Right/left/right
8.) Trace figure 8 in front of body 3X starting with left arm (make infinity symbol in air w/arm). The cross of the figure 8 should should be a bout solar plexus level. Keep the crossing point at the same spot. Repeat figure 8 with Rt. arm 3X
Repeat this Left/Rt. sequence 3X
9.) Squat down and with palms up scoop energy starting at floor level (like you were scooping up bundles of fibers). Continue scooping as you stand (Inhale). Bring arms up,bend elbows and pour energy down your back.
Exhale as you bring hands slowly down the front of the body.

8. Luring Concentration From The Heels To The Knees

Feet shoulder-width apart; bend over at waist, letting arms swing freely; bend knees as little as possible; reach behind left knee with the right hand, and grab the area just to the outside of the kneecap with the fingers. You will feel a depression there; rub for a count of 10. Let the left arm dangle freely as you rub the left knee. Let both arms now dangle freely for a few seconds; then repeat rubbing outside of right knee with the left fingers. Let both arms dangle for a few seconds; grab left achilles tendon with the right hand, placing thumb on the inside, and the other fingers on the outside of the tendon; rub for a count of 10; let arms dangle and repeat on right achilles tendon with left hand. Let both arms dangle for a few seconds; now lift left elbow, say the word, LIFT; lift right elbow [still bent over], say word, LIFT; now start to rise up and raise elbows two more times, alternating sides, until you are standing erect, and arms are up at head level.

Bring arms around to form a scoop as in the previous pass. Dump hands over shoulders, then ball hands into fists and place each fist over kidney area on back [as you bring the arms up in front, say SCOOP]. The fists are on the kidneys; without pausing, swing the left arm around the front to the right side of the body, releasing the left fist. The right fist drops away as the left hand is placed over the right kidney; then the left hand drops away, as the right arm comes around in front to the left side and is placed over the left kidney.

Next, without pausing, the base of the left hand is placed over the left kidney, as the right hand is released; the right hand now swings back and the base if the right hand is placed over the area of the right kidney. Rub the area over the kidneys for a count of 5. Turn the left foot and upper body 90 degrees to the left, tapping toes once on floor; now trace a large Z on the floor by the following: still turned to the left.

1. Tap 6 inches to the right of the first tap-spot 2, then tap in the original spot -spot 1[this is the base of the Z].

2. Tap diagonally and to the right 45 degrees relative to the base of the Z [about 6 inches in front of the second tap - spot 3]. This forms the diagonal of the Z.

3. Tap once 6 inches to the left of the above spot [this forms the top line of the Z] [spot 4].

4. Without stopping continue tapping: spots 3,1,2,1,3,4. As you begin tapping, say the word: HOMOGENIZE. Now, still turned with the upper body to the left, place all the weight on the right foot, and make 9 circular pawing movements with the left foot [just like the pawing motion in the Butterfly pass].

On the first 3 circles, say BLEND IT with each circle. Toes are pointed down; brush the floor on the downstroke with the toes. Turn to the right and repeat the tapping of the Z, including saying the word, HOMOGENIZE, as well as the 9 pawing circles, saying BLEND IT three times. The hands remain on the kidneys during these maneuvers. Take hands off kidneys, bring them around to the front; place palms down, fingertips facing each other, and push hands slowly down until arms are straight.

9. Hearing Energy

The mouth is wide open during the entire pass. Bend over slightly at the waist, letting arms dangle only to knee level; dangle for several seconds. Stand up, placing left hand on back of left side of the head with the thumb in a depression behind the ear, and the remaining fingers vertical just to the left of midline [run the thumb behind the base of the ear toward the back of the neck, and bend the head forward; about two inches from the base of the ear you will find the right area for the thumb; it's between the rear neck muscles and the mastoid bone]. The left elbow is out to the sides and as far to the rear as you can get it without straining. Take a step forward with the left foot; bring the right arm straight out behind you, turned over so palm is up [thumb to the left].

Bend over slightly so that both the bent left arm and the straight right arm are more-or-less parallel to the floor. Now, turn upper body and head to the right, and follow the right hand with the eyes, as it swings as far to the right as you can get it comfortably. As you swing, say the word, HEAR IT. Now face the front again, still bent over. Next, place left foot perpendicular to the right, slightly in front of the right foot, toes facing to the left. Now, bring right foot around to lie parallel to the left [ now body is facing 90 degrees to the left of the original position]. With left arm still bent and left hand in position at back of the head, and the right arm still straight, bend over at waist and swing upper body to the right, following the right hand with the eyes [ as the right arm swings around to the right rear, the right hand is turned palm up]. Again say the words, HEAR IT. Turn twice more, repeating swing to the right as above, and saying the arming words.

Next, make one more quarter turn, so that you are now facing the original position; repeat the swing to the right, but this last time do not say the arming words. Release arms, bend over and let arms dangle as above. Stand up and place the right hand at the right back of the head, comparable to the position on the left side [as above]. Take a step forward with the right foot, as you straighten out the left arm behind. You will be taking 90 degree turns to the right, and following the left arm to the left. Say the arming words at the appropriate times. Release the arms, dangle for a few seconds; stand up and place both hands over the back of the head, as in the above sequences, but interlace the fingertips; the elbows are out to the sides, and as far to the rear as you can comfortably stretch them.

Feet together facing front; turn upper body 90 degrees to the left; say the word, LISTEN, pause for 3 seconds. Turn to face forward and continue to turn, now 90 degrees to the right; again say LISTEN and pause 3 seconds. Turn back to the left [ with the upper body only] 90 degrees, bend upper body so that the bent right arm is down and the bent left arm is up; waggle arms up and down slightly and say LISTEN. Turn to the right 90 degrees and repeat waggling. Face the front, take a step forward with the left foot, dipping body slightly by bending the upper body forward and bending the knees, [as if genuflecting]. Bring right foot forward even with the left, say LISTEN, and pause 3 seconds. Take a step backwards with the left foot, again dipping the body and saying LISTEN; bring right foot even with the left foot. Turn upper body to the left, place left foot out, heel down, toes up, and pivot back to the front, while bending knees and dipping body; say LISTEN. Repeat this sequence to the right side. Facing front, hands still on scalp, rub fingers of left hand for 3 seconds, then rub right fingers; repeat twice more with each hand. Bring arms around to front and lower them.